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Save money upfront when you work with us. We provide absolutely free estimates and honest pricing so you’ll know exactly what to expect to pay for your service.
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Residential& Commercial Service

We serve residents and businesses across the region, cleaning air vents, dryer vents, and installing equipment for improved indoor air quality. Whatever your ventilation needs, rely on us for effective and affordable service.

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UV Light

UV lights are linked to improved air quality and can drastically reduce indoor allergies. Our team carries the best brands and provides installation throughout your home or business.   

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Improve air quality and eliminate dust buildup with the help of Air 1 Duct Cleaning in Beaver Crossing, NE. Our trained and experienced technicians handle every aspect of your duct cleaning, using professional equipment and proven methods to get rid of all the particles that adhere to your vents. Because your ventilation system circulates air throughout your home and office, it’s important to get your air ducts cleaned regularly. Dust and other allergens like pollen and mold spores are pushed to every area of your building if your air ducts aren’t properly maintained, causing illness in your family or employees. Not only does our team minimize the amount of particles that travel through your air ducts, but we also install new air filters for improved circulation.

Want to further improve your indoor air quality? We also install humidifiers and UV lighting. Humidifiers help add moisture to your home which is important for comfort, especially in the winter when dry heat from your furnace can cause an array of sinus problems. UV lighting reduces allergens when installed in your HVAC system, killing microbes as they pass through your air vents. Located in Seward County, we serve everyone in the region. Call us today to schedule your free duct cleaning estimate or to ask about our complete line of products and services. We are happy to answer your questions and will get to you for an on-site consultation at your convenience. 

Our service areas are Lincoln, Seward, Milford, Crete, Fairbury, Beatrice, Hebron, York, Geneva, Wilber, Hickman, Sutton, Henderson & Utica.